The Company

Architects Planners, Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers,Mechanical Engineers, Town Planners, Agriculturists -Landscape Architects, Interior Designers, Lighting Specialists,Sound Specialists, Procurement Specialists, Economists: 

Today and after a presence of 35 years, a team of 500 people, scattered in 10 companies, works together, under the umbrella of  CAPE collaboration.
Right from the initial stage of project planning through to construction, there is but one aim driving our team, to serve the client’s interests to the best of our ability. This aim underpins our whole approach and it has been crucial in deciding our organisational methods and the equipment we use.


Drawing up a plan
Taking as a starting point your own aims, we draw up the plan,working hand-in-hand with yourselves. This makes it possible to decide on the construction which exactly matches your project, taking financial, administrative and technical constraints into account.

Carrying out feasibility studies
Once your plan has been drawn up we check its feasibility.We study the site or sites envisaged and draw up an initial budget plan along with a provisional schedule.

Suggesting the initial sketches
We breathe form and life into your project by working out functional and organisational diagrams and by providing you with rough 3D sketches and views. The detail provided by the initial sketches guarantees that your instructions are carried out in full.


The best project
Right at the project planning stage, the plans, the wording of specification and the choice of techniques and material are made in co-operation with yourselves to ensure that this really is your project.

For each project we put together a team consisting of architects,town planners, engineers and economists. The project leader is responsible for the whole team and remains your point of contact throughout the entire project. This arrangement makes it possible for you to monitor the development of your project directly.

The expertise gained by our teams in markets in Greece and abroad is based on permanent awareness of developments in new methods, techniques and material and also the desire to achieve the final objective of a project, no matter what constraints may apply.


Working to costs
From the preliminary estimates through to the final accounts,each phase of the construction is budgeted exactly. In selecting contractors, we first invite tenders for each budget unit,negotiating each contract and every price. This approach allows us to keep a permanent check on construction costs.

Working to deadlines
The experience gathered in the construction of hotels facilities, for which the opening date is always crucial, stands us in good stead in producing tight construction program.Our team ensures close monitoring of the site by its daily presence and guarantees that your deadlines will be met.

Respecting your objectives
We take your own constraints into account – the deployment of your own teams, the operation of your production plant and reception facilities for your visitors, so that your company can live and develop in a tailor-made building.